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Bingham Farms Criminal Lawyer


  • Has successfully practiced law for over 45 years.                                                                                                                                      

  •  An attorney for the Chambers brothers, the largest drug trial at that time in Federal Court regarding the sale of half of all crack cocaine being sold in Detroit. The case involved a notorious gang of brothers and their associates. This lengthy trial was extensively publicized in the media, newspapers, magazines and television both locally and nationally. The impact of this case on society was so strong that a novel was written about the case called, “Land of Opportunity” by William M. Adler.


  • Successfully handled numerous drunk driving (OWIL, OWI) cases with no jail time in most every case.


  • Attorney for a top union official accused of a weapons offense in Federal Court with a jury result of "Not Guilty!” This case received publicity both in the newspapers and television.


  • Successfully defended a Highland Park police officer who the Police Officers’ Union refused to defend. The police officer was accused of assault and discrimination by the U.S. Government and the F.B.I. Ronald Gold obtained a “Not Guilty” verdict from the jury. The police officer’s job was reinstated with back pay and the officer received a promotion as well!


  • Criminal Defense Attorney for a white collar crime where the defendant was a high level official accused of stealing several million dollars from North Oakland Hospital in Pontiac. This case was covered extensively by the newspapers and television.


  • Mr. Gold successfully represented an individual accused of murdering  children in the notorious Birmingham Child Killer case so that no charges were filed.


  • Defended parents in a case regarding parental rights. This was a heart wrenching case where their children were taken away from them and put in foster care during the investigation. This case was a high profile case covered by local newspapers and television extensively.


  • Successfully defended a high level public official, who was the Executive Director of a city agency, accused of embezzling city funds with a jury verdict of “Not Guilty.” This case received extensive publicity on television and in the newspapers.


  • Lead Attorney in a multi-million dollar Ponzi scheme defense. The defendant was sued by the SEC alleging that he took money from approximately 1,200 investors. This high profile case was covered by the news media and television extensively.


  • Attorney in an auto repossession case which went to the Court of Appeals and made new law in Michigan. This case allowed a party to sue the finance company who ordered an automobile to be repossessed by a towing company where the auto owner was injured during the repossession.


  • Defense Counsel for a client who was caught in an Internet sting by the Novi police, soliciting sex with young boys. This high profile case was covered on television and newspapers.


  • Co-Counsel in a large pesticide case, representing parents for the death of their seven year old son. This lengthy case against the City of Woodhaven lasted for years in the Courts and at the conclusion the parents received  a large financial settlement. This high profile case was well publicized in both the newspapers and television.


  • Mr. Gold has represented several attorneys who had been disbarred and fought successfully to regain their law licenses.


  • Successfully defended several foster homes cases where the foster parents were accused of child abuse.  These cases were reported in the newspapers and local television


  • Mr. Gold represented a man charged with drunk driving as well as resisting and obstructing a police officer in Oakland County and obtained a jury verdict of Not Guilty.  The case was reported on television and in newspapers.


  • In the most recent trials, Mr. Gold represented clients accused of  Criminal Sexual Conduct and obtained  jury verdicts of Not Guilty in each case.  These trials were in September and October of 2015.


  • Mr. Gold has tried over 300 cases with a jury and has obtained Not Guilty verdicts in 85% of them.







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